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2 September 2014

What Job Did We Do?

We sealed all external and internal caulking applications. We abseiled the external and caulked all pre-cast panels. We abseiled the internal air shafts to seal all penetrations. We caulked all internal applications in laboratory areas on every level. We worked for 80% of trades on site, including the main contractor Brookfield Multiplex.

We were required for these applications to achieve a certified level of containment by the Government regulators. The PC rating can range from PC1 to PC4 which is dependent upon the facility's purpose.

The objectives of the national rating system are to protect the health and safety of the people within the facility and to protect the external environment from what is generated within the facility.

The PC rating system is a government certification system whose purpose it is to satisfy the regulator and ensure that the facility will:

  • Prevent release of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) into the environment.
  • Protects persons outside the facility from exposure to GMOs.
  • Protects the safety of people working with GMOs inside the facility.


How Much Time & Money We Saved The Client?

Sealwell specialises in laboratory caulking our staff are trained in knowing areas to be sealed, therefore minimising defects picked up by inspectors when doing defect rounds to obtain PC.

Therefore we were able to save clients’ time and money in picking up defects. 

As this project was behind schedule when Sealwell was contracted to start works, there were approximately 7-8 months’ work to be completed and we were able to complete these works in approximately 4 months. As we specialise in laboratory sealing, we were able to increase our dedicated workforce to the project.

This in turn helped Brookfield Multiplex and all sub-contractors we worked for; to meet handover periods as required.

In doing so we were able to save our clients on penalties for not meeting deadlines. 

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Need more information?

To find out more about our work or to get a quote on a job please call us on 0418 561 718 or send us an email via our Contact form.

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